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#IfIDieBeforeIWake #EmilyKoch

Alex is in a coma, unlikely to ever wake up and as far as the medical team looking after him can ascertain, there is no sign of brain activity, meaning that his family are under pressure to consider withdrawing his life support. 
But Alex can hear them. He can hear his family debating about what to do and he can hear them talking about how his girlfriend Bea needs to move on. He can also hear police, snippets of conversations and further clues that suggest the accident that put him in a coma, wasn't really an accident. In fact, it seems that whoever did this to Alex is still out there and that Alex is not the only person in danger.
If I Die Before I Wake is the story of Alex, lying trapped inside his body on a hospital bed, desperately trying to pull all the clues together so that he can solve the mystery surrounding his accident before his family decide to let him go. 
This is a brave and ambitious idea for a book which takes an emotive storylin…

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